Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holy medication delivery, Batman!

Holy. Shit.

I got my shipment of IVF meds nice and early (starting Lupron on January 8th!) and nearly had a heart attack. I don't even know what some of these meds are!

Here is what came today:

Gonal-F (my old friend)
Leuprolide Acetate (Lupron, right?)
Progesterone for PIO injections
Vivelle patch (?)
Cefoxitin (?)
Methylprednisolon (?)
Diazepam (Yes!!!)
and an assload of syringes, some scarier than others.

I will be given lots of instructions when we get closer to starting the meds, but if any of my IVF veteran readers can tell me what (?) meds are for, that would be very helpful.

If only they could triple the dose of diazepam, I would be all set.

In other news, I haven't seen the Sporker for the last two days and we leave for Aruba on Saturday. Joy!


  1. Now I'm picturing injection time with those big word bubbles above your head. "Ouch!" "Yikes!" "Wince." Shit, sorry. I mean, "Yeah, give it to me!" "That's it!" "Let's make a baby!" Better?

  2. LOL I'll be the one crying in the corner.

  3. It's your early X-mas present!!! Yeah, a bit overwhelming. I packaged my meds up in their each containers with "do not open til X" on them. Made it less overwhelming.

    Okay, here's what I know:
    Gonal-F (my old friend)
    Doxycycline = antibiotic
    Leuprolide Acetate = Lupron
    Pregnyl = HCG or "trigger" shot
    Progesterone for PIO injections
    Vivelle patch = estrogen. Helps with implantation
    Cefoxitin = antibiotic.
    Methylprednisolon = helps with implantation.
    Diazepam (Yes!!!) = transfer

    Hope that helps

  4. I was on a few different meds than you (besides Progesterone and Menopur) so I am no help there. But I am sure you can look them up online and read about what they are used for.

    I am glad you got the meds early since I have heard that sometimes people find that the pharmacies are out of certain things and they don't get them till last minute.

    The big needles suck, but you get used to them. Once you (or your hubby) gets the hang of giving them, it should just be one of those things. For the IM ones, make sure you warm the Progesterone in your hands for a while first and that you massage the injection spot well afterward. Heating pads help for afterwards too.

    Little tricks. Oh, and don't push the liquid in quickly...take your time or it will hurt.

    Get ready my friend.


  5. Yep on the lupron, Vivelle is an estrogen patch you take starting the day of the embryo transfer, methylprednisone is a steroid you take for five days starting the day of retrieval to help with swelling and to prevent embryo rejection, and my guess is the cefoxitin is an antibiotic to take starting the day of retrieval to prevent infection.

    Good luck!!! I love the ceremonial medication photo.

  6. Have fun on vaca and yes, watching HIMYM has been hard. But I've been following that show for so long. I'm glad they tackle real life issues. GL with all your new meds. I'm not sure about the question marks, I never used any of those. Funny how every DR is different.

  7. So great that they're being that thorough with all the little extras to help with implantation! They gave me a doxycycline drip during egg retrieval--maybe you won't get that then, since you'll just take it orally?

    Do not sweat the big needles. They look far scarier than they feel. STAB STAB STAB with swiftness and purpose, and it won't hurt. I didn't believe people when they told me that, either, but it's fine. The anticipatory fear is the worst part. Did you find out what medium your progesterone is in? Sesame oil? Ethyl oleate? I liked to draw up the PIO and tuck the heating pad around the syringe until it heated up to about body temperature. That helps a lot. I would push down the plunger slowly, but not ridiculously slowly. The stuff doesn't sting the way I found Gonal-F stung. It's just quite viscous and can bruise because of that, but it's a totally manageable feeling. And then massage well with a heating pad afterward. One of my friends suggested walking around a bit after to help distribute the PIO in your muscle so it doesn't pool. I don't know if it was the heating or the massaging or the medium the progesterone was in, but I didn't really have much bruising or soreness. Good luck, my love!

  8. I picked up mine yesterday. Just waiting for the mail order pharmacy to deliver my micro dose of lupron which I start 11 Jan. I do know what they are for since this is my second IVF coming up. Scary how much room they take up in the fridge!

  9. Oh my goodness - wow! I get all my meds next week! I'll have to share my list too..... Looks like you will be medicated very thoroughly which is excellent. I hope my doc puts me on antibiotics too. Good luck! We will be on a very similar time frame, in Jan I think :-)

  10. SKB - It is Ethyl oleate.

    Thanks for all the tips ladies!

  11. Ethyl oleate is the best! You'll be fine.

  12. You said it right, holy medication batman!! Have an AMAZING trip in Aruba. I'm so happy for you and can't wait to hear about it. You deserve this!

  13. we are on almost the same schedule! i expect to start lupron around jan. 2. have a GREAT vacation!!! maybe you'll get prego (JOKE - just saying that b/c it's what annoying people say to infertiles when they decide to take a break from reality!).

  14. That is a lot of meds!! Have a wonderful time in Aruba with your husband!

  15. That is a scary load of meds! We just put the paperwork for our IVF cycles in an envelope to send to the health insurance company tomorrow for approval (we'll probably start in February). Seeing your load of meds kinda makes me scared now.

    Good luck to you and enjoy your vacation!

  16. Oh my word. That is intense. Those suckers better work!


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