Here are some links to sites that have been incredibly helpful to me in my journey.

Taking Charge of Your Fertility - a great book and website to start your research about fertility basics

Stirrup Queens - an enormous, comprehensive site for anyone struggling with infertility. It has huge lists of other blogs and tons of information about anything and everything about infertility, ART, loss, parenting after infertility, etc.

Soul Cysters - a fabulous site for PCOSers. The ladies on the message board are incredibly supportive and helpful.

RESOLVE - the National Infertility Association with regional chapters. It holds support groups, informational conferences, and has a wealth of information to share. They also have an awesome Myths and Facts About Infertility page.

Dr. Liccardi's Infertility Blog 

Dr. Sher's Infertility Blog

BattleFish's excellent Infertility Etiquette Page

Interesting perspective on adoption from SlowMama.

A collection of posts on Stirrup Queens that use analogies to describe IF, to help people understand the plight.

A really good resource for info on PCOS supplements from Return to Go.