Thursday, January 26, 2012

post-it love

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I have a really, really bad short term memory. There are many conversations I don't remember shortly after. I ask people to repeat information pretty often.  I might have have forced KG to drive to school, delivering important things I left at home. Hell, I even locked myself out of the house once (okay, 3 times) because I forgot my keys (and phone!). So, to become a functioning adult, I had to figure out work-arounds and strategies to get me through my day-to-day life.

Seriously, I think of my brain as a faulty hard drive. However, instead of relying on the the hard drive alone, I have an external drive for backing up all my data: post its.

I am pretty convinced that I use more post-its than most human beings. They cover my desk at work. They are on my refrigerator. They are on my phone. They are in my purse. They show up randomly in my IVF med boxes (more on that later). Simply put, post-its and I have a special relationship.  If I could make love to them, I would.

Along these lines, I also force KG to use post-its regularly. Picture this scenario: I have just gone to bed, lights out, covers tucked in.

Then...I remember something important.

Me: "KG! Can you write me a post-it?!"
This is followed by yelling out cryptic phrases to put on said post-it, to jog my memory when I see it in the morning. This has happened hundreds of times.

Being the smart ass that he is, KG started adding to my notes with his own witty banter. Example?
Me: "Can you write, 'planning time'?"
<translation: Schedule some planning time with math coordinator at school>
Post-It Note: "Planning time. Not Hammer time."

You get the idea.

Well, since this cycle started, KG has turned his funny post-its into sincere affirmations and words of support.   I have found them near the coffee maker saying, "You rock." I have found them on my laptop saying, "You are so brave!" I have found them inside my laptop, stuck to my space bar, saying, "Boo! I love you!" My personal favorite, was found inside one of my Gonal-F pen boxes. It said, "Thank you."

As you can imagine, these little notes are making the excruciatingly slow progress of this cycle a little easier to take.

At least now, I can look at a post-it not only as a sign of early Alzheimer's but also a little reminder that the efforts for this baby are appreciated.

Now, let's talk about Gmail Calendar...
IVF Update:
-I have been stimming for over a week. Saturday's estrogen was 15, Monday was 187, Wednesday was 404, and tomorrow morning, I'm hoping for at least 800. Shoot. Me. Now.
- Wednesday's ultrasound only showed 1 measurable follicle on the right, with lots of little ones on both the right and the left, that just weren't big enough yet.
- Lots more stimming in my future, me thinks.

Song of the Day: I was listening to the radio this morning, and the DJs were talking about raunchy songs. That got me thinking about the dirtiest songs that I have ever heard. This one came to mind immediately: Prince's "Darling Nikki." Any other Purple Rain fans out there?
What's the dirtiest song you have ever heard?

BTW: Foo Fighters did an amazing, but rare, cover of this song.


  1. Aww your dh.sounds awesome. Sorry you aren't progressing quickly. Thinking of you and hoping for good news!

  2. Hope you get some good news tomorrow! I feel your pain after 14 days of stims myself.

  3. Awwww the post-it-note-surprises are so cute :D :D

  4. First I love post-its too. Love. I also find myself writing on the back of my left hand a lot too. For more immediate reminders.

    I hope you get some more follies to catch up!

  5. Love it! Been thinking of you as you stim. Grow follies grow!

  6. Those post its are incredibly sweet and loving. What an amazing guy he must be. :-)

    Sending good vibes your way for this cycle!


  7. Your hubby is super sweet. And funny! "Not Hammer time." Ha!

    Sorry about the slow stimming, ARGH. Do you feel any side effects?

    I hadn't heard that Prince song but will listen to it later. I was thinking about that other dirty Prince one--"[#] positions and a one-night stand" (can't remember the number. 32? Bah). Janet Jackson has some dirty ones on "Janet"--"Any Time, Any Place," etc.

    1. I'm starting to feel bloated and I am tired. But other than that, the side effects haven't been bad for me. Luckily.

      I heart "Janet!"

  8. A couple I used to babysit would do that - leave random notes for each other in the house, inside cupboards, etc, and I loved it! I'd have to say Prince's "Get off" is a close second, and one of my favorites! haha! Love you!

    1. Ooh good one. "Cream" is another dirty Prince classic.
      Love you!

  9. I loved listening to Purple Rain in the 80's. Oh and hahahaha I love the notes. Yup I make my spouse get up and write a note for me or I'll do it myself at times. However, I've written some notes where I can't remember why I wrote the note. I just blame it on my fibromyalgia.

    1. I had that happen yesterday! I wrote a note to myself in my car and then had no clue what it meant. :P

  10. Your hubby is so cute!

    Purple Rain is one of my top 5 all time favorite songs. So good.

  11. That is so sweet of your Hubby! I leave post its for him every once in a while in his lunch.

    I love Prince!

  12. I love that he writes you notes on post-its. So sweet. My husband never writes me notes. Hmmm...we might have to have a chat about that. Ha!


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