Saturday, January 14, 2012

A perfect gift

Today, I gave my parent's a belated anniversary gift from 3,000 miles away. His Royal Fabulousness came up with the idea, and he is a total genius.

Here is the back story: My parents lived in Boston many years ago, when they first met. Actually, my father was in graduate school here and met her in Los Angeles (my hometown) while home on a school break. It was a blind date, and it stuck. My mother ended up marrying my dad quickly, and moving to Boston to be with him. Eventually, they moved back to California to be closer to my grandparents and so my dad could attend law school back home. They have been married for 41 years.

They look back on their time in Boston as some of the happiest years of their lives. The fact that I ended up going to college here, and then subsequently lived here permanently, made them incredibly happy. So, when they visit, they always like to visit their old favorite places. Over the years, many of these have sadly closed down. But, Durgin Park, a favorite restaurant, is still up and running. The place is a Boston institution and is located downtown, in Faneuil Hall. My folks went there all the time when they lived here, mainly for lobster and a special dessert. This very old school dessert is traced back to colonial times and is called Indian Pudding.
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It is a cornmeal pudding with molasses, butter, milk, spices, etc. and is served with ice cream. My parents LOVE this dessert. Seriously, they can not come to visit without making the trip to Durgin Park to get it.

So, here was KG's amazing idea:
1. Call friend in L.A. who is a caterer/personal chef/new bakeshop owner.
2. Ask her to please recreate this dessert.
3. Buy 2 of her wonderful pot pies to round out the meal, in true New England fashion.
4. Have said meal delivered to parent's home, as a surprise.

I happened to call my dad while he received the delivery and I heard really sincere surprise and joy in his voice. My parents seemed really touched by the gift. As someone who has difficulty buying good gifts for people, this one really made me feel like I did something right.

That's just one more reason to keep KG around.

So, today's song is a romantic one that KG and I often dance to, in our kitchen. It is an oldie but goodie that has stood the test of time, just like my folks.

Happy anniversary Mom and Dad.

Status of progress reports? 5 down, 8 to go. Of course, they need to be edited and proofread, but progress is being made.

Status of IVF? AF arrived today. Lupron continues. Awaiting Tuesday morning's monitoring appointment.


  1. What a wonderful idea sending them something they'd love to eat. I actually have no clue what my parents would prefer when it comes to that. So glad you know your parents so well.

    Second daily shot of lupron for me in less than 30 minutes.

    Good luck! Hope you have lots of egg recruits!

  2. A very lovely idea. Great thinking!

  3. Such a great idea... seeing how I am also in the So Cal/LA area... I might need a delivery one day too! Hehe

    Glad the Lupron is going well and the progress reports are coming along. :)

  4. Love the gift idea. How perfect!

  5. Love the gift idea! So thoughtful. Good luck Tuesday. Love you so much.

  6. What a great idea! So thoughtful and special!

    Glad to hear IVF is moving along well. We start lupron on the 27th. Keep us posted!

  7. So sweet - sounds like a keeper :)

  8. What a fabulous idea! I'm so glad they liked it. I'm sure it made their anniversary a special one. You're almost half way done with the reports! Woohoo! Hope you have a halftime celebration planned.

    Fingers crossed for the baseline!

    1. If only I could celebrate with a large glass of chianti.

  9. I love you & I love our dances to that song in the kitchen! x o

  10. What a thoughtful gift! The pudding looks amazing. Congrats on your progress w/ the progress reports.

  11. What a sweet gift...and what a sweet anniversary. 41 years? Truly an amazing number!

  12. What an amazingly sweet gift! I love that song, actually anything from Louis Armstrong.


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