The Nugget

12/25/12: Little Fab aka The Nugget makes his appearance. 8 pounds, 6 ounces, 20 inches.

12/12/12 - 37 week appointment - full term!! The Nugget is definitely head down and I'm 1cm dilated, 40% effaced. 

11/21/12 - 34w appointment - the doctor thinks he may have flipped!

 11/6/12 - 32w scan showed my placenta moved up! The Nugget is still big and still breech.

10/9/12 - 28 w scan to check on The Nugget and my placenta placement. The kiddo looks good (measuring a week ahead) but the placenta is still low. Look how much he looks like his father!

7/31/12 - 18 w anatomy scan. The Nugget looks perfect! It's a boy!

Handsome isn't he?

6/22/12 - 12w NT Scan and early screening. All measurements normal and HB at 153 bpm.

Feet! I see feet!

Profile shot!

Whassup Mom and Dad? High Five!

6/13/12 - Heartbeat on home doppler! Ignore my bloat and paleness. Yes, I have a belly tattoo.

6/8/12 - First OB appointment at 10w3d. Heartbeat heard on doppler, 155 BPM.

5/30 - 9 weeks 1 day - Ultrasound #2 and release meeting with RE. Baby measured just right and 185 bpm.
We saw a wiggle and a wave. We resisted singing the LMFAO song.

Head down, arm buds and leg buds visible!
5/14 - 7 weeks - Ultrasound #1: The Nugget is measuring right on track and had a heart rate of 130 bpm.

4/30 - Beta #2 3,247

4/27 - Beta #1 859

4/15 - single embryo transfer of one perfect 5 day blast, 6 frozen embryos

4/10 - IVF#2: 23 eggs retrieved, 20 mature, 19 fertilize with ICSI


  1. What a kind thing to do - to give The Nugget his/her own page. He/she is BEAUTIFUL!!! Congratulations~

  2. How wonderful! Congratulations! That fetus knows to stay strong because it is going to have a great life with great people. :) Yahoo! Love you!

  3. Nugget's little home looks so cozy! He/she is definitely snuggling in!

  4. Fantastic news! Beautiful nugget!

  5. I'm so happy for you and KG! What a blessing!

  6. Looks PERFECT! I love this peanut baby phase.

  7. Ok, that video is the MOST FUN THING EVER!!!!!!!


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