Saturday, January 28, 2012

"You really turned a corner."

Last night, I was hanging out with Ginger and Smoon again. I was moaning about how my injections are starting to take a big bite out of my social life. Example: I had to make a trip all the way back home, before we could all go out and eat, because I had to mix my stupid Menopur. Another example: Smoon offered me a ticket to see a musical tomorrow and I am stressed about how I'll be able to do my night time injections. See?! Seriously, I've been stimming for 11 days and I am so sick of this shit.

Fast forward to this morning's monitoring appointment: Well, I can't believe it. Between Wednesday and yesterday, we made major progress. On Wednesday, my estrogen was at 404. Yesterday, it was over 1,000! We also saw 18 follicles on ultrasound. Pretty impressive number. Although most were pretty small (largest was 14, others between 8-11), the nurse told me she wanted me back in today because, "I really turned a corner." Low and behold everything grew overnight and the largest ones today were 18, with several close behind at 15 and 16. The ultrasound tech, whom I had never met before and was SUPER perky, said I was getting very close to retrieval. She called my uterus "beautiful" and talked to my ovaries "Mr. Righty" and "Mr. Lefty." You can't make this stuff up.

I'm hoping, when I get my instructions later today, they will tell me that Monday or Tuesday will be our day. We might actually be nearing the finish line.

And so, some eighties inspiration for imminent victory ahead! 


  1. Yay for progression! Good luck with ER. I hope everything goes smoothly.
    Happy ICLW!

  2. That's great! Hoping for a successful retrieval this week!!

  3. I love the video!!!!OMG I'm such an 80s queen, I'll blame it on my age. Anywhoooo, glad to see the news was all good. Mr. Lefty and Mr. Righty certainly are doing great. Grow follies grow!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Woohoo! So exciting, sounds like you are on the move! Next up, a whole bunch of eggies!

  5. Wow, 18 follies. Great!
    Good luck for successful and smooth retrieval with lots of mature eggos! And that that stupid OHSS will stay far away from you! Be extra careful watching out for yourself after retrieval with that many follies (two girls on my message board were hit pretty hard by OHSS - but they both had way over 20 and 30 follies).

    Unfortunately I can't watch the video because of some stupid GEMA censorship (GEMA is the organization in Germany collecting dues for playing music publicly and handing over to the artists whatever's left after they take their share). They have some kind of annoying deal with Youtube that blocks us from seeing certain videos when we have a German IP address :-(
    But: The Final Countdown rocks! :-)

    1. Aww, bummer! There is a lot of controversy here about legislation like that. I will ceratinly be on the lookout for OHSS symptoms. I gather from other bloggers that gatorade and a lot of protein is the best defense...

  6. Woohoo! Here's good thoughts for an easy (and super successful) retrieval.

  7. Sounds like Monday with those numbers! Woo hoo! I can't wait for you to get some embabies!

  8. Wow, 18 follies! That's a great number! Keeping you in my thoughts as you prepare for retrieval.

  9. Great news! And great song choice - if it was good enough for Gob Bluth...

  10. I know this was from awhile ago, but I just found your blog and I can't believe the similarities in TTC Journey. And it must be an "ultra sound tech thing" as I was told my lining was BEAUTIFUL???? what??? Then she said, to my confused expression, EVERYTHING LOOKS GOOD ? We had a few eggs fertilize but then they all stopped growing at 3 days.... which I am told is very abnormal. And they are unknow of WHY this happens. I understand your feelings of the unknows, but heres to US for the next cycle!


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