Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dear Universe...

Dear Universe,

Please do not seat me at a lunch table next to two pregnant co-workers who are discussing how much they hate being pregnant. Apparently the physical discomfort is just too much. I know they don't intend to be hurtful and they don't know about my inability to conceive. However, I also don't intend to stab them with a spork. I'm just saying, if you do that to me again Universe, I might become a danger to myself, or others.

Thank you,
(aka Member of a Growing Group of Women at Work Who are All Currently Undergoing Infertility Treatment and Don't Want to Hear It)


  1. Yuck. No good. I have two coworkers who are preggo too. One being my boss.

  2. Ugh. Just ugh. What an awful way to spend lunch.

  3. Being pregnant is SO HARD *eye roll*.

  4. Would that be a titanium spork? I know this is quite serious for you and yes I really detest when I get put next to pregos too. Maybe we should all carry towels so that we can put it up as a blanket of protection so we don't see them! Just thinking of Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.

  5. Ooh that's nice that you're not the only one at work going through infertility. I'm the youngest person in my office, all women, and all the others are through with their childbearing years. I guess that's not a bad thing since it means I don't have to hear about babies all the time. Just asshole teenagers.

    And I think a good spork attack could be attributed to Tourette's or something, right?

  6. I wanted to thank you for commenting on my blog last week during ICLW.

    Yesterday I went to breakfast with my mom and I was literally surrounded by young moms and babies. I was like 'are you freakin' kidding me?'

    I think one should always be armed with a spork. YOu never know what the Universe will do to you next.

  7. I laughed out loud at the spork. Oh, I hear you on this. And I know that it can't be fun to be sick all the time, but I HATE hearing women complain about being pregnant. I would happily throw up every day for nine months! I hate not being able to get pregnant. I hate that I had a miscarriage last year. But I do appreciate the fact that my journey has made me more compassionate and sensitive to other people.

  8. I have not complained about any of this magical IVF pregnancy except for this last week or so when I've been unable to walk without pain. But the rest of it? Wonderful, easy, perfect. Even the getting up 7 times a night to pee. Who the fuck cares? And I really don't get people complaining about the baby moving. It's amazing, and I feel so lucky.

    Of course if (when) you get your own, if you are barfing 24/7, I give you full permission to complain.

  9. You are totally exempt SKB, because you went through 2 IVFs and know the pain of which I speak. You are not a waif talking out of her ass because she has nothing better to do. Just sayin'.


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