Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Last week, the children in my class gave an assembly for Thanksgiving. We gave each kid a choice of 2 classic themes: either tell about a Thanksgiving family tradition or tell about something for which you are truly grateful. We did a lot of talking about choosing something that can not be bought with money and reflects the true meaning of Thanksgiving. It is one of those really cute and sigh-worthy moments to see 9 and 10 year olds talk about this stuff. Really, even my most cynical self was really touched by what they came up with. The one that really sent me over the edge was the little boy who discussed his grandfather, who had surgery on both legs, yet came from Pennsylvania to be with him on Thanksgiving. Man, if you don't shed a tear on that one, you don't have a pulse.

Now, all us IFers know that the holidays can MAJORLY suck. This time of year tends to open old (and new wounds), bring pregnancy announcements, and generally make you feel lonelier than you ever thought possible. It is extra challenging to find reasons to be thankful when you can't seem to attain what you want most. But, I think I should put my money where my mouth is and force myself to acknowledge the priceless (or maybe not so priceless) things that I am lucky to have.

1. The hubby. I don't want to make anyone puke here, but I am a lucky woman. There have been times when I wasn't aware of how lucky.

2. I am leaving in a few weeks for an AMAZING vacation, right before one of the most stressful times in our lives. IVF #1 hopefully will go better as a result of all the sun and lounging that will be had in Aruba. We might have to pay it off for quite some time, but I don't feel very guilty about it. P.S. We NEVER get to take vacations. Seriously, the last one together was our honeymoon, 6 years ago.

3. Living in Massachusetts? Not so bad. We may be the home of Whitey Bulger, but we also have decent infertility coverage, leaving me with only my (managable) deductible and co-pay costs. If we didn't have this, we would not be able to pursue treatment. Period. Plus, the Bruins are currently kicking major ass.

4. There is a lot of pie in my future this week. Dessert is one of my main reasons for living.

5. Cocktails. Cocktails are good. If I could figure out a way to stay buzzed from Thanksgiving morning through New Years (and not get fired or crash my car) I would.

Not a bad start, right?

What are you all thankful for?


  1. Those are great! Mine:
    1. My life. I am grateful that I have had and continue to live a life that takes me to wonderful places and always encourages me to explore more about the world and myself.

    2. Some very loyal friends and colleagues. Friends for seeing and loving my true self, and colleagues for going out of their way to help me get a job for next year. The combined help me get through!

    3. Treadmill. Burn off steam and calories.

    4. I am really grateful for my job interview tomorrow-on Thanksgiving! Not to jinx it, so that's all I will say.

    I love you! Happy Tofurkey Day. :)

  2. Great post! I'm thankful for hubby, family, new house and ER on Friday!!! Have a great holiday!!!

  3. Awe- thanks for the comment! I hear ya on Cocktails! Would love to keep the buzz going all the time! Love the story about your students!

  4. Great post! I hope Aruba has magical powers.

    1. The blogging world. Saved me.

    2. My hubby. Love him.

    3. Pinot Grigio. Fabulous. LOL.

  5. One thing I am thankful for is things like ICLW that brings us support from the most unlikely places!!!

    Enjoy your vacation, before both of our IVFs we took vacations and it does do a lot for your soul!!

    Happy ICLW

  6. Yes! It would be great if we could stay buzzed from Thanksgiving 'til New Year's! Thanks for your list--made me pause and think about mine.

  7. I sent you an award! See it on my blog!!

  8. You've been nominated for an award! (all though I think I might be the 2nd one ;) )



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