Monday, November 21, 2011

IComLeavWe Week!

This is my first ICWL week and I am so excited to read blogs of other participants, and have them read mine. I'll be posting a longer post tomorrow, but for now, I wanted to give a quick introduction and pose a reader's poll.

For those new to the blog, I am a 31 year old teacher, living near Boston, with the hubby and 2 cats. We have been TTCing since January 2010, with PCOS and one miscarriage in tow. After many months of anovulation, Clomid, injectable IUI cycles and cysts, we are finally moving to IVF #1 in January. I hope you'll explore the blog and follow me.

Quick poll: I have been doing acupuncture since April of 2010, with 2 different acupuncturists. Read here for more info. If you were me, would you continue with acupuncture, or would you save the money for things like massages during the IVF cycle?

Looking forward to "meeting" you all!


  1. Hmm, I really don't know. I get massages about once/month but sometimes worry about having them during the 2ww. With the acu, if you have a sense that it doesn't help, I think you'd be ok to stop. I'd go with your gut on it.

  2. I did acupuncture leading up to my first pregnancy (ended in missed miscarriage at 9.5 weeks). I definitely saw a difference in terms of it helping with spotting prior to Aunt Flow's arrival. I guess it all depends on what they are trying to correct. I would say - go with nautropath has done a lot of research in how acupuncture therapy can help with IVF.

  3. I have just a little bit of experience with acupuncture, and it was like what you describe as being Japanese -- it was very thin needles that I couldn't feel at all for the most part, and it helped me a lot (I have carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve damage).

    My mom has had the electric acupuncture and has also had the Chinese herbs. This was for tennis elbow. She hated, hated, hated it ... but it worked!

    I guess for you it would come down to, what do you think is helping more? It's not like with carpal tunnel, where you will know for sure if it's working or not, so I would say to do as much research as possible and make sure your Dr. and acupuncturist (or massage therapist) are all aware of what treatments you're getting so that all of your caregivers can work together.

  4. I love my acupuncturist and I am trying to have faith. I guess I won't ever know for sure, but I know there are studies about how much it helps after embryo transfer. It just feels like with TTC it is all so hard to see the improvement.

    My RE knows I am getting acu but hasn't expressed any interest in working with my practitioner. I won't do herbs once my IVF cycle starts too. Hmm... decisions decisions.

  5. Thanks for coming to leave comments on my blog. It helps to have people who also find writing an outlet. I hope we both have success in the upcoming year. We could both use something great to look forward to.

  6. Visiting from ICLW!! :) I am currently going through my first IVF cycle and also doing acupuncture. I really love it my RE also recommended it. My acupuncturist told me that it is most important the two months prior to IVF and during. So if you’re trying to save money maybe you can stop for the time being and start back up a few months before your IFV cycle.

  7. stopped by from ICLW... wishing you tons of luck for your upcoming IVF cycle! :)

  8. I do really believe in my practitioner. It just hurts (Chinese acu - in my experience) and it is expensive. But, we are doing fewer sessions right now until we get closer to ER/ET in January. I just need a money tree so I can do massages too. :)

  9. I tried acupuncture and I don't have anything bad to say about it. But I didn't leave afterwards feeling super relaxed and rested like a lot of people say they do. And it was $100/session. So I decided to stick with massage instead.

  10. Hi there, here from ICLW!
    Sorry for your loss, and all the other sucky things that have happened to you so far! Definitely have my fingers crossed for you.
    I started acupunture about two months ago and will probably keep doing it every two weeks or so. Despite the initial pain, I really enjoy the timeout it gives me.
    I've heard of studies, that acupuncture can help increase the chances for success of IVF when acupuncture sessions are done right before and/or after transfer.

  11. i eill be joining you in the january cycle!!! best of luck!!!
    as for your question.... i would say do whatever relaxes you the most. for me i would do acupuncture throughout the cycle and maybe pray for a cheap groupon massage...

  12. You know how firmly I believe in acupuncture's role in finally getting a babby inside of me.


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