Saturday, February 25, 2012

A morning full of interesting infertility moments

This morning has been full of surprises. I was pretty pissed off when I woke up before 7am. But man, has the day improved!

First, I was perusing the RESOLVE New England website (ok, I was looking to see if my Poker Face blog got any comments) and I went to their advocacy page. I have been considering getting involved with advocacy efforts, and I wanted to see if there were any opportunities to get involved.

Then, when I scrolled down, there was a video of an advocate and board member speaking at the RESOLVE conference in November. I read her name, and then re-read it.

I know her.

I don't want to say too much, but I know her professionally. She is a lovely person. In retrospect, I remember her mentioning how she had difficulty conceiving, but that was years ago, before we were trying to have a baby.

Although I am not out at work, I think I am going to contact her. I am dying to talk to her about her work with RESOLVE. I'm feeling pretty excited!

Second, I got a call from a friend of a friend today. She just had her IVF consult and was feeling overwhelmed. She reached out to me, and we spent a long time on the phone discussing her fears and questions. Basically, I let her know that her cycle would be stressful, but not nearly as hard as she thinks it will be. I hesitated to tell her our outcome, but she asked. So, I tried to stress how rare our failed fertilization was and that most women have a lot of success with IVF, even if it takes more than one cycle.

We ended the call with her telling me how much better she felt. Apparently, hearing my perspective really eased some of her anxiety. I almost cried. What she doesn't know is that in sharing my experience, it helped me as much as it helped her. I am so glad I could help her. It sort of feels like my shitty IVF cycle DID have a purpose after all.

Now if I could get the motivation to get out of my bathrobe and over to Target, the day would be a true success.


  1. That sounds like a productive morning. I woke up at 7 too. Just laying in bed reading blogs. ;) so nice you feel you are ready to get involved with resolve. I know it will help you feel less helpless to be involved and helping others understand and learn about IF. :) inspiring!

  2. I still haven't found the motivation to take my morning shower!

    Very exciting that you know the RESOLVE woman. It sounds like the group near you is very active, which is great.

  3. Lady, you put me to shame! So much accomplished on a Saturday morning (my 7am was shot, pill and back to bed).

    First off, a belated congratulations about your post being featured on the RESOLVE website! That's a huge accomplishment (and only reemphasizes how awesome you are)!

    Secondly, I'm so glad the conversation with your friend went well. I know how painful the last cycle was for you, so the fact you were able to use your experience to help someone you love is really great.

    Finally, you know someone IRL at RESOLVE! I know the New England chapter is amazing, so I really thing you should contact her. Could be the beginning of an amazing journey.

    Hugs to you and hoping that very soon both of us can break up with infertility.

  4. So glad your day improved. Those are some really positive moments.

  5. That is really neat to have someone you know at Reslove. I'm in the New England area and have been wanting to do some of the peer groups but just haven't pushed myself to go. I know it would be worth it, so I'm not sure what's holding me back!

    I was up before 7 too, but your day is turning out much better than mine! :-)

  6. I am glad you are reaching out to others and looking to get involved. I think it takes such a lovely soul to advocate for women who are usually ignored.

    Also...Target is my favorite store.

    1. If you love Target, you should TOTALLY do the Red Card in the debit version (not the credit card). You get 5% off every purchase! Plus, best part is that it draws right from your checking account, so it isn't a credit card!!

  7. Must be something in the air because I too had a fairly productive morning getting the errands done.

    I'm glad that you helping her helped your own needs to be a bit more resolved. I'm hopeful that your next IVF will prove to be the one you need to complete your family with frozen embabies and all.

  8. For a day that started off much too early, it turned out pretty well! I hope you found the motivation to go to Target. There isn't one really close to us now, but before we moved I went there ALL the time. If you didn't, well, then maybe you can go tomorrow for me :)

  9. you are amazing for being such a good friend.... hope you enjoy the day!

  10. definitely an upturn. i am glad that you are finding ways to get involved and it's great that you were able to help out a friend, too. you are really growing! miss you girl. i hope to see you this summer! xoxo

  11. Now that IS a productive morning!!

    I love how you were able to share with this friend who called you in need of support IRL. Since the start of our journey, we have run into alot more couples who are also battling IF. Some of them we've known for years and others we've met because of our shared struggle. I met my very best friend because of it.

    While I wouldn't have chosen this path (none of us would), I have certainly made some dear friends as a result of it. And I don't think there are better friends in the entire world than ones you will meet in this community. They can truly be there for you through thick and thin.

  12. Visiting for ICLW! I think its wonderful that you want to get more involved in RESOLVE. And how fortunate that you have a contact point who you are already familiar with!

    ICLW #80

  13. This is why sometimes that horrible cliche "Everything happens for a reason" can actually be true! Yay.

  14. Small world isn't it? And motivation is totally overrated, I think your morning was plenty productive. Hope you got to Target though :)

  15. It is so amazing when you find someone you know or can talk to someone IRL that knows what you are going through. So glad you are going to contact the Resolve lady and that you were able to talk to your friend and really feel good about it.

  16. That's great to find meaning in helping someone else and at the same time get some perspective for your own situation. I'm not in the US but read that RESOLVE does a lot of good work.

  17. So glad that you are able to share your experience and knowledge to help others. This road isn't easy but we all hope and pray it is worth it. I'm looking into the RESOLVE group in my area just for support based on your post so thanks!


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