Saturday, April 7, 2012

Anyone interested in an IVF update?

If you aren't into numbers and nitty-gritty, feel free to skip this post. Sometimes I like analyzing numbers, so you'll have to indulge me.

So last cycle, My med protocol looked like this:
BCP for weeks and weeks
Lupron (10iu to start, then 5iu when stims started)
75iu of Menopur and 150iu of Gonal-F for the first 3 days of stimming
150iu of Menopur and 150iu of Gonal-F for the next 7 days
Pregnyl trigger
23 eggs retrieved, 19 mature

That cycle, my estrogen looked like this:
15 (4th day of stims), 187, 404, 1,085, 1,940 (triggered that night) - 11 days of stims

This cycle, the protocol was nearly identical, except for one thing: she started me at 150/150 of Menopur and Gonal-F right off the bat. As a result, my estrogen rose a bit more quickly.

Here have been my estrogen numbers since Monday:
Mon (4th day of stims): 40, 254, 684, today: 1608
Follicle count: 14 on the right, 4 on the left
Largest follicle today: 16mm

The nurse told me to stop Gonal F tonight (but still do 150u of Menopur - fun!). She thinks tonight will be the last night of stims, trigger tomorrow, and retrieval on Tuesday.

We are nearing the finish line.

So, I'm considering taking off both the day of retrieval and the day after. I have 2 reasons:
1. I was in a lot of pain last time. Seriously, I was not prepared to be in that much pain.
2. If our results are similar to last time, I really, really don't want to have to take that call with children all around me. That was so, so awful in January.

Last thought: Please God, let the ICSI work.

I'm curious for the experts to answer this question: With numbers rising this quickly, how worried should I be about OHSS? I mean, they are reducing my stims tonight, but I went from 684 to 1608 in 24 hours.... 

Fitting, for the end of a cycle.


  1. I'm not an expert. The only thing I'd be worried about, I'm old, is egg quality.

    Wishing the best for a successful cycle!

  2. I can only speak from my experience. On day 3 my levels were over 300 and continued to quickly raise. My levels toward the end were raising quickly and ended up near 5000. I was put on medication to stop me from getting ohss and it worked. Of course my stims worked to well and caused poor egg quality. You r numbers sound right on though! Good luck I dont think you will have issues with ohss.

  3. Your E2 isn't especially high to where you should be terribly worried about OHSS.. If it were 4500+ then you would probably only experience a mild to moderate case. At any rate, drink LOTS of water and gatorade AND eat protein and salty soups.. That will help keep it at bay. Your numbers sound perfect though and I have ALWAYS done ICSI, so expect good news with it! Saying a prayer for you!

  4. I can't believe you are already there!!! Wow, that went fast. It sounds like things are going along as they should and I am excited for you. I think you are probably okay about the OHSS, but it couldn't hurt to ask them about it.
    I definately think you need to take two days off. My retrieval was painful too and I needed that time to relax and focus on staying sane.
    Keep us up to date!

  5. I would definitely take both days off. It can't hurt, and you deserve to rest. As for the OHSS, I had it and it was horrible. You definitely do NOT want to get that! I just looked through some paperwork but I don't see what my numbers were and I never thought to ask. Drink lots of fluids and make sure you stay hydrated. Good luck!!!

  6. I have NO words of wisdom regarding OHSS, so I'm no help there, but DEFINITELY take those two days off. ABSOLUTELY. I am POSITIVE that everything is going to go well with ICSI, but I would STILL take those two days off. You're going to be overwhelmed regardless of what the nurse calls to say. That being said, if it were me, I would go CRAZY that second day waiting for the phone call. The nice thing about going to work last time is that it passed the time, and took at least part of your brain away from thinking about what was going on elsewhere. SO...think of a SHITLOAD of things to do that second day (whether you feel like it or not), just to keep your blood pressure under control. I have EVERYTHING crossed for you, and I am sending all of my positive energy your way! Keeping you in the light! -E

  7. I wouldn't be too worried about OHSS. Not complacent, but not too too worried. Make sure you're getting a ton of protein in starting NOW and tons of electrolytes/fluid and take it easy. That's all you can really do at this point. I didn't end up with any OHSS at all and here were my numbers:

    Good luck lady!!!

  8. I don't have any experience in the OHSS department, but just wanted to wish you the best of luck with your ER and Transfer.

  9. Of course we can all only report our experiences...they day before trigger my estradiol was 3251, and the day of trigger it was 4122. The doctor prescribed Dostinex and I was very bloated for a while after the retrieval, but I did not have OHSS. I hope that helps calm your nerves some.

    Good luck! Good luck! Good luck! I hope ICSI does the trick for you.

  10. Take the days! It is part of being gentle with yourself. Good luck and I am thinking about you! xoxo

  11. I have absolutely no words of wisdom on OHSS. Though I experienced it with my first cycle my numbers were a lot higher (I got up to an e2 of 11, 278). I just wanted to wish you tons of luck this cycle. Praying your fert report is good and that your transfer is smooth.

  12. I think you are pretty safe, especially since they already knocked your dose down. I went from 88.9 to 1056 in 2 days and my dose was not changed. They took me off Menopur 2 days later when I was at 3500. The next day my e2 was almost 5000 when I triggered (with 5000 iu hcg). I stayed ohss free!! I was convinced I was doomed with those numbers but I squeaked by. Your rise has been much more gradual and you will trigger soon, I definitely think your safe!


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