Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wash, rinse, repeat.

One of these days, I am going to get good news when I go in for an ultrasound. One day, instead I saying, "Sorry, I don't see any measurable follicles," they will say, "Wow! Your little eggies are ready to pop!"

I have NEVER ONCE heard those words during my many, many dildocam sessions. Instead, I hear about the ultrasound technician's weekend, her dog's birthday party (YUP!), and the weather. At other times, I have gotten much worse news than no news. I guess it is no surprise that I rarely feel optimistic on the drive over to my RE's office.

Today was no exception. Although my uterine lining is thickening, no dice with the stubborn follies. Looks like I have a lot more shots in my future.


  1. It's better if they take a while so your lining is plush! Seriously, it always took forever for my ovaries to do anything interesting. Are the < 10 mm guys at least looking any bigger? Also, acupuncture can help kick-start the ovaries. If you need a rec, let me know.

  2. They said nothing measurable. I do see an acu. I had a treatment last week. She doesn't seem to want to do weekly treatments though. Pass along the rec, just in case.


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