Saturday, August 13, 2011


There were several influences that inspired me to start writing again.

One of these came during a recent trip home to Los Angeles. I had lunch with two high school friends. I hadn't seen one much in the last 13 years. She simply asked me if I was writing these days. In high school, when we spent a lot of time together, I was a writer. I wrote for our school newspaper, school literary magazine, a 'zine (so 90's!) of my own that was included in Zine Scene (a collection of writings), poetry, journals, etc. I was highly influenced by Hillary Carlip (whom I befriended at a reading when I was about 14) and truly saw myself as an author.

I never intended to stop writing. It just sort of happened. I went to college, got busy, started working, got married, became a teacher, blah blah blah. Anyway, that part of my life to a back seat. I did develop other interests, but always felt sad that I wasn't writing.

Anyway, the point of this post is that it feels good to be writing again and I am so excited about the feeling it has been giving me. I am brimming with ideas and have gone back to reading essays by other authors. Of course, right now, I am reading a lot of essays about infertility. My favorite ones are the ones that incorporate a lot of humor into their deeply personal stories. I rely on humor to get me through hard times. It keeps me sane. You can't cry all the time, right? So you might as well laugh.

This is a particularly good example. For those who haven't had a miscarriage it might be a little weird to read. But, I think it is genius. Enjoy.


  1. Glad you're writing again. And finding joy in it. Maybe, just maybe you'll be the inspiration I need to get my blog going again.

  2. I loved that entry. Here's the one I wrote about my failed IVF:

  3. SKB - Loved your entry and your writing.

  4. Oh and also, the first thing I said to the nice front desk lady at my RE office for my failed IVF postmortem was, "Hey, you're glad to see me, right? Aren't you glad I'm still infertile?"


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