Friday, August 19, 2011

"Trust Me"

Those words are so tricky. Sometimes it seems like every time I put control in someone else’s hands, something goes wrong. I don’t mean this is a crazy control freak kind of way. Just more of a “I live in Murphy’s Law” kind of way. Well, maybe it is more anger at myself when I don’t listen to my instincts (or inner voice, a la Oprah) often enough.

This came up recently with my fertility treatment. I don’t want to give all the gory details, but something treatment related sent up red flags in my brain. I said so to one of the nurses. She assured me the information was correct. Well, needless to say, I was right in my original assumption and it impacted my results.

The good news is that it looks like we can proceed. I did finally show response to the injections. So, on Sunday, I have a date with a turkey baster. I suppose it will be a little more clinical than that, but you get the idea. Can I be honest? Between you and I, it’s a little scary. With PCOS and the medication, there are some risks.

But, life is risk, right?

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  1. IT'S GONNA BE FINE. And it's more of a catheter than a turkey baster. Turkey baster would put the jizz at the base of your cervix. Instead, you get to get the catheter threaded through the cervix! Good times! TRIGGER TRIGGER TRIGGER, BABY!


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