Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Plan

Well, my ultrasound yesterday showed I have a ton of follicular cysts left over from the cycle. So, because we need to wait for them to shrink and reabsorb, we are taking a much needed break from TTC until after the holidays. We go to Aruba in December, and did NOT want to stress about trying to schedule one more IUI or IVF before then, even if we could. So, I go on BCP to help shrink the cysts, and I don't have to take my temperature, get any shots, or have any more dildocam for a while, except for one more appointment next week, with my RE. I'll also keep going with acupuncture and such. Then, we start IVF #1 in January. I'll need that time to psych myself up for it!

So, although I won't be TTC until January, my blog will not take a hiatus! I'll still be writing (and entering some blog contests - stay tuned!).

So, "Don't you....forget about me. Don't. Don't. Don't. Don't."


  1. I'm glad to hear that you'll keep writing! January isn't that far off.

  2. Yeah and it will go quickly with all the holidays.

  3. I just found your blog via the TCOYF website. I wanted to chime in and offer some encouragement. We struggled with infertility (I have PCOS) and I thought that I'd never have a baby. I wasn't ovulating on my own, so I did clomid cycles, injectible cycles, combination cycles, you name it. Still, no ovulation. I thought it was hopeless. We were taking a vacation to the Caribbean to get away for a bit and I took a "break" from all of the treatments. Guess what happened? We got pregnant! I wasn't even thinking about it, just enjoying the beach and my husband! I know you probably are rolling your eyes, but I really think there IS hope! I think your hiatus from treatment is just the ticket!! Just be sure to continue to babydance ;-) because you never know!!! Hang in there. I am pulling for you.

  4. Thanks for reading Taylor! I hope you'll follow me.

    It is encouraging to hear you found success! Maybe I'll do 1 pack of BCP, take a break around the Aruba trip, and then go back on if need be. :)

  5. YAY for IVF! And drinking in December! I think your body will respond well to IVF. Just a feeling.


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