Sunday, October 30, 2011

I needed a laugh

A fellow blogger's "Infertility Is..." post  (one much better than mine) made me literally laugh out loud the other day. Not just LOLing. Literally, snorting and cackling laughs. Her entry was FABULOUS and I thought I would share my favorite part. 

"Infertility is...hoping cycle after cycle to see this:

But only getting this:

Inspired by her series of contrasting photos, I also came across this funny pic. On occasion, I also feel like HPTs are doing this:

I hope you found that as amusing as I did. I even forced hubby to look at it.


  1. love it! that's totally what it feels like. I hate those stupid digitals. I wish they had a special ttc version where instead of saying "not pregnant" it would say "i'm so sorry" or something way more supportive!


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