Sunday, October 7, 2012


I'm really, really excited about an opportunity I was given today. I'll post again soon with specifics, but let's just say I had the chance to connect with two other bloggers whom I respect and admire. It was an amazing experience. More details to come!

In the meantime, please:
1. Go join Cristy's fall sock exchange. It's an uplifting experience that I have participated in a lot, and am happy to do again.
2. Please give some support to Mrs. Green Grass. She could use all the love and hugs she can get.
3. Go congratulate Shelly on her BFP. I'm completely thrilled for her!

Tuesday I go for my 1 hour glucose testing and 28 week ultrasound, to see if my placenta moved up on it's own. Wish me luck on both!


  1. :)

    And also, good luck on the upcoming ultrasound and glucose test! Hope all turns out well.

  2. Giddy is a petty great feeling. Cant wait for you to share. 28 weeks already, really? Hope your test goes smoothly!

  3. Good luck!

    Giddy is an excellent feeling - glad you are feeling that way today.

  4. Good luck! I think I messed up and my glucose test is thursday not tuesday. I better double check!

  5. I hope the ultrasound is fun and you pass the glucose test with flying colors!


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