Friday, September 2, 2011

"Funny meeting you here..."

Since I started seeing this RE, I have been preparing for the day when I would run into either a colleague or the mother of a child in my school in her office. On one hand, the location of the practice is ideal because it is very close to work. On the other, it is very close to work.

So as I was signing in at the receptionist desk this morning, I looked to my left and saw another teacher at my school. She has been a work friend for a few years, but we haven't been close outside of school. Although it was initially a little awkward, we were both good-natured about the coincidence. She told me why she was there, and I began to tell her a little bit but I got called in quickly for my ultrasound. I didn't get to say a proper goodbye. But, while I was on the table, I realized that she might have misconstrued my appointment and thought I was pregnant.

I called her when I got home and we actually had a very nice talk. It turns out that she has only opened up to her husband, her mother, and our Assistant Head of School about her fertility issues. She said she was grateful to have someone who has first hand experience to talk to about her treatment. I would like to think it was a meeting that was meant to be!

In other news, my ultrasound didn't go well. I had a bit too much response to a bit too much medication during the last cycle. Because I developed so many follicles on the injections, the ones that didn't produce an egg are now cysts. 6 of them. 6 is a lot. They all need to shrink and re-absorb before I can do another IUI cycle. Although it should only take one cycle for this to happen, and I am actually concerned it will take more than that. But, for now, I am going back on the pill for a month, which is supposed to help the process.

I was surprisingly calm about this IUI failing. I found out at school, right before a work party. I was surrounded by people and in some ways, that was a gift. I just didn't have the opportunity to fall apart. I also had a sinking, gut feeling that this was not our month. When I called the hubby and told him that AF came, he said he had that same feeling.

Thinking about where I was this time last year, heading back to work one week after my miscarriage, I am pretty proud of my own growth. Although I wish things had been different, I have learned a lot about how to weather storms, find patience, have perspective, and look to others for support. Hopefully, I can pay a little of that forward with my colleague. 

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  1. It's really good to have real-life IF buddies. And while I'm bummed about the delay/cysts situation, the RE's projected one month off to give the cysts time to shrink and absorb is better than I expected. Excelsior!


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