Sunday, September 23, 2012

MIA, Back To School madness, and Dr. Seuss

That's me. Ever since I set foot back in school, I've been completely MIA from the blogosphere. I feel incredibly guilty about this, and I miss you all, but something had to give in September.

Every start of school is stressful - the setting up of the classroom, faculty meetings, lesson planning, parent meetings, Back To School Night, and everything else take an incredibly long time to get under way. I knew that this school year would be tough being pregnant. But, the baby isn't even an issue. It is really all those normal factors, combined with the addition of a brand new math curriculum (nothing like making a teacher with 8 years of experience feel like a rookie) and an iPad pilot project in my classroom that makes me feel like I'm drowning. All I can do is make it from work to home, eat, and go to sleep at night. I've been waking up at 6, arriving at school around 7am, leaving around 5pm, and in bed by 9pm. Trying to squeeze in time to cook, keep our place clean, spend SOME time with KG, and you know, breathe, has been tough. I won't get into how much work I'm bringing home and how my Sundays are spent making Smartboard demonstrations for math class. These are the times that people who criticize teachers for having 8 weeks off in the summer can suck it.

In the middle of all that, I flew home to Los Angeles for my first baby shower.

I was thrilled to go, but missing work this close to the start of school just added to my anxiety. Putting that aside, while I was there, I hit 100 degree weather, saw some friends, spent time with my family, and slept like a baby. My best friend, her partner, and my mom hosted this awesome Dr. Seuss themed brunchy shower and it was wonderful. The BFF and partner did all the decorations, delicious food and drinks, and handled the RSVP details. It was intimate (only about 10 people), mellow, and was sans embarrassing taste-the-baby-food games. Just what I requested.

Then, there was the cake. 10 years ago, my mother made my sister's wedding cake, after taking Wilton classes and practicing for months beforehand. Because I got married in Boston, she couldn't do the same for me. But, guess what she did for the baby shower?

Can you believe it?

The Cake Boss would be jealous!
Mom, me, and my sister

While I was gone, KG spent hours starting the process of physical transformation at our place. He scrubbed, labored, sneezed, and moved Mt. Baby (as we are calling the huge collection of baby gear donated to our cause) into the beginnings of our new office so it doesn't take over our living room. Soon, we'll finish cleaning out the old office (aka the future nursery), move our wireless access to the new office, clean the carpet in the nursery, build the crib, pick up the changing table/glider/ottoman/dresser from SIL, organize Mt. Baby, and make a home for this little guy. I know theoretically we have time for all this, but the weeks seem to be flying by, and the to-do list just seems to grow. Have I mentioned we haven't started looking for a pediatrician yet?

Every time I get overwhelmed with these details, I try to take a breath and remind myself of how fortunate we are. If you told me at the beginning of my infertility treatments in January of 2010 that I would be lucky enough to even HAVE a baby shower, I would have laughed in your face. I can't describe the deep feeling of gratitude I have for every single kick, nudge, and flip The Nugget does in my belly. I also ache for my blogger friends who have experienced a recent loss, have ended their journey, or are still trying for a BFP. Belle, Sometimes, Trisha, ToniMo, Sunny, Cristy, Detour, and more. I hold you close ladies and send you whatever support I can.

I leave you with the new Mumford and Sons song that I am obsessed with, "I Will Wait." This song could have been my anthem during treatments. Enjoy.


  1. Love, love, love your cake. You have lots of stuff going on right now. Deep breaths and you look wonderful!

  2. Look at you!! I love the photo of you wit your mom and sister. And so glad the baby shower was wonderful (what an awesome cake). I hope this next month at school is one where you're feeling a little more afloat and that preparing for the Nugget's arrival goes smoothly.

    And thank you for sharing this song. It's one that fills my heart daily.

  3. Amazing cake! Your mom is so talented!

  4. I love that song too :)

    You shower looks amazing and you my dear look so happy. I am so pleased for you, you are going to be an amazing mother to Nugget!

  5. Bautiful picture and lovely shower! What a great cake!!! I just watched that performace on SNL and really liked the song. Cheers to you my friend.

  6. 1. That cake is amazing! and 2. I think that's my favorite maternity dress I've ever seen... where did you find it? Not that I'm in the market for cute sundresses now that it's 50 degrees in the morning, but still, you look awesome.

    1. It's actually not a maternity dress. It's a super comfy and flattering Max Studio dress I got a while back at Nordstrom Rack!

  7. Holy crap what an amazing cake! And what a cute picture!

  8. Hey!! You look SO great--beautiful and with a perfect bump! I cannot believe how awesome your cake is, and that your mom made it!

    I'm sorry you're drowning in work stress. I hope you get more and more time to breathe as the weeks go on. I'm sure you'll get all the baby prep done.

    Thanks for the shout-out. :) It's good to see a post from you! I hear ya with not having the time to blog, though--no need for guilt, ok?

  9. What a lovely shower, and a truly impressive cake!


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