Saturday, March 24, 2012


This past week, I got the chance to see an old friend from high school, who is also a blogger. She and I both ended up at the same college, and even lived together for a year. Although she lives in Los Angeles, she and her husband were in Boston, visiting his mom. I hadn't seen her since our hs reunion in 2008, but as with all good friendships, it was like no time had passed. This morning, I checked her blog and she wrote an incredibly touching post about our hangout that made me cry. Go check out her awesome blog, Cease and Decyst

In other news...

My vacation is nearly over. I am depressed about that already. No matter what, vacation is never long enough. It's not that I'm lazy. It's just that sleeping on a natural schedule, being on my own agenda, having time to actually clean my house, and being able to stay up past 9:00pm just feels RIGHT. Somehow, I have to get my teaching hat back on.

Because several neighbors decided to start mowing their damn lawns at 7:00am on a Saturday, I only have energy for bullets today. May I ask the homeowners out there, WHY would you do that to your neighbors?

• I didn't really have any side effects from Lupron last time, but man I do this go around. My emotions are supercharged, I been having SUPER vivid dreams (last night's involved Brad Pitt - TMI), and I'm getting super hot at night. Oh the joys of injectable meds.
• KG and I watched Contagion last night. I have had a compulsive need to wash my hands and wear a mask all morning. If you have any germophobe tendencies, I suggest you avoid this film. Otherwise, it was really well done! Netflix it!

• Even though I was born without the shopping gene, I had some luck in Los Angeles. In general, I feel like the shopping is way better there than in Boston. I don't know why, but I always seem to have greater success in stores out there.

Success #1: Ralph Lauren brown leather riding boots for 45% off at DSW, on clearance.

Success #2: Black flats that are perfect for work, modeled by one of my cats (Buttercup).

Success #3: Blue color block dress that will be perfect for a wedding I have to attend, with the right accessories and shoes.

Of course I also bought a shirt that I completely changed my mind about by the time I got back to Boston.

• There are times when a bargain is a good thing, and times when it isn't. The other day, Smoon suggested a mani/pedi and I turned her down because I spent too much money in L.A. But, of course, then I couldn't get it out of my mind. So, I caved and got a cheap mani/pedi ($20) near my house. The problem is, it really was a $20 mani/pedi. Pretty crappy. Oh well, at least my toes aren't naked now.

• Tomorrow, I am seeing Hunger Games with Smoon and another friend. IMAX baby! Yes, I read all 3 books and LOVED them. I can't wait!

• Thanks so much for all the kid words regarding my last post. I sent off a sympathy card and will make a donation in his name to a charity his wife requested. RIP George.


  1. That's Bananas! I read both your blog and Cease and Decyst on a regular basis. I also have a close friend that I've known most of my life that is struggling with PCOS and infertility.

  2. We are seeing Hunger Games this weekend too! The books were awesome! And yes, neighbors who start mowing their laws early ANY day of the week should be slapped. :)

  3. Saw Hunger Games last night! SOOO good! Kinda wish I'd seen it in IMAX.

    In the heat of the summer, I kinda see how people would mow their lawns early to avoid the heat. I don't really understand it when the weather is nice, though.

    Love the dress and the shoes! I want to see Contagion but I'm a bit of a germaphobe already.

  4. I'll try to tackle the homeowners mowing their lawns at 7 am question: first off, are they older? Secondly, do they do it with a scowl or a smile? From my experience, the older generation, because of a loss of melatonin, tends to start their day at 5 am. Which means that 7 am to them is like 10 am to the younger generation. Hence the reason I asked about the smile (aka, they are fully awake). The scowl means not wanting to do it and just trying to get it out of the way. I can understand getting a jump on the day, but 7 am is rough on the rest of the world. Try talking to them about it (asking if they'd be willing to hold off for an hour on Saturdays; bring cookies as a peace offering). I've only had one gentleman turn me down when I made the request . . . and he was far from a gentleman.

    Love the shoes and the dress! Gotta love L.A. for the clothes. Hope you and Smoon have fun at the movie. And hang in there with the Lupron. I also had some crazy dreams.

  5. haha, you went shopping and I just packed up a hamper full of clothes for the Goodwill. Honestly though, it's because I want more new clothes and don't have room. ;)

    I am seeing The Hunger Games on Tuesday! I am pretty excited about it!

  6. I am so excited to see hunger games! I hope you enjoy.

  7. Sooo jealous of your shopping, I've been dying to go but I'm trying to be responsible... sigh.

    Let us how Hunger Games goes!

    I've been thinking of you lately <3.

  8. I love your new black flats. I'm on a mission to find cute work appropriate summer shoes :)

    How many days of school do you have left before summer vacation?

  9. Oooh, I love the flats! And the boots, but I've been looking for more flats lately. I'll be interested to hear your review of The Hunger Games - just saw it last night in an absolutely packed theater!

  10. When we lived in the apartment we had before buying our house, the landscapers would start mowing at 7, and they would ALWAYS start right by people's windows instead of in the open areas. Drove me up a damned wall!!!

  11. Fantastic boots!

    I've been avoiding the movie Contagion for that reason. I'm not very germ-conscious, but I remember back in pre-med in a medical anthropology class talking about infectious diseases and starting to feel as if I had ebola and Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease on a daily basis. Even though I was a vegetarian living in the midwest...

  12. Glad you had a great time with your friend! Those boots are really cool and I love the dress!


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